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Why are Windows Updates so Important?

Are Windows updates really that important and are they so important that they should interrupt what you are doing?  Well, whether we like it or not, this is Microsoft’s approach to running system updates and it has been for a very long time.  Although their reminder-based alerts may be less frequent and be slightly easier to handle now, the fact of the matter is that Windows updates are here to stay to ensure that at some stage everyone does these tasks.

So, let’s take a look at why these updates are so important.  One of the most obvious reason that updates are continually pushed out is to improve security.  It would be a fair question to ask why Microsoft haven’t made the software secure in the first place, but it is also fair that these systems are so complex and evolve as part of our daily routines, that there will always be new elements to protect.  Some of these elements might not even be known about until they get discovered by hackers after the product is mainstream.

These security patches are clearly the critical step in making sure that any holes that are found are plugged as quickly as possible.  It’s known that Microsoft will actually offer bonuses for software specialists if they find security holes before any hackers do, simply because it’s cheaper and quicker to fix the hole before it becomes exploited.

The other reason for the patches comes directly from Microsoft and their mentality over how they view their software.  Microsoft now treats Windows as a service.  This means with all the increases around what IT does and needs to do, Microsoft wants to solidify their place as the primary platform.  With increasing internet speeds, they need to make sure that their software can utilise this and not become a hinderance to the user.  There is also an increasing reliance on cloud computing and Microsoft needs to make sure that the Windows version is optimised to make cloud computing a seamless way of working.  There are many areas that are constantly growing around Windows and the Windows software needs to keep up and make sure it delivers. 

Back in 2015 when Windows 10 was announced, it was even suggested that this would be the last version of Windows to be released as we know it!  With Microsoft choosing to continually update and develop the Win10 platform rather than invest in a whole new operating system.  Clearly this remains to be seen as to whether Microsoft will stick to this plan, however it further enforces the need to maintain these updates and patches. 

In summary, I think we can safely say that the updates are certainly going to be here to stay.  Whether you check for updates directly on your device, managed through a server or managed by your MSP, they are going to be needed and exist for some time to come.

If you would like to know more about our Patch Management Service’s and how we can manage this process for you then feel free to contact our team, we are on hand and happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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