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Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

For any business, staying competitive is always important. A commonly outsourced service found in small businesses is IT support, managing such services in-house can cost you time and money. Therefore, outsourcing and getting a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a game changer for now and in the long run.  

Cost Management

Running a small business is ensuring you balance the needs of the company verses the cost of paying someone to do it for you. Reducing costs is the main reason why companies outsource. The time you spend dealing with IT issues, could be time spent on acquiring new business. For example, many issues can occur, such as a customer database could stop working or an ordering system develops a glitch. When this happens, you need a company that can jump on that issue immediately. You could spend days trying to fix the problem, which would cost not only your time and money, but also your reputation. Therefore, outsourcing your IT can offer better cost management for your business.

Remain Productive

For small businesses, outsourcing your IT needs can maintain your productivity and focus on what matters. Trying to solve every IT issue you face and doing it alone often is not the most efficient way. If you allow experts to integrate themselves within your company, this will subsequently ensure your business runs smoothly. The result of this will issue in higher productivity rates within your business.

Enhance Security

An IT service provider will be able to protect your systems and hardware from viruses. Security is a big problem for many small businesses because cyber criminals know that smaller companies don’t deploy tough security measures. From our experience we have found two common traits.

1. Small businesses usually are unaware and lack knowledge of all the potential threats out there. We completely sympathise with this and are here to help. Therefore, considering a Cyber Essentials assessment would be an excellent start. You can find out more here.

2. The cost of being protected by an IT support company is deemed too high. At Cambridge Support, we provide services for multi-site companies with hundreds of users right down to one-man bands.

Unfortunately, once cybercriminals see an open door, they will let themselves in. Therefore, maintaining your security measures should be a high priority. This is why small businesses need IT support. This small business guide to cyber security is an excellent start.

Handled by Specialists

A helpful question to ask yourself is:

“How confident are you that your company’s IT infrastructure is up to the business standards?”

When you outsource, you are allowing an expert to assess your system and provide 100% focus. The beauty of letting an IT Support company like Cambridge Support manage your IT needs is that you get a professional expert service in return.

At Cambridge Support we have over 30 years’ experience within the IT industry and can help you and your IT support needs. To find out more about our story follow this link.

Maintain Equipment and Software

Not everyone is tech savvy and having an IT support company who can manage your software upgrades and equipment is priceless. Technology is always changing and keeping up to date with new updates and hardware can be time consuming. Therefore, why not let the experts look after this for you. You would have the peace of mind that your hardware and software is running smoothly. This also means you have a team of specialists on-hand to advise on any changes to help improve the efficiency of your business. This is why small businesses need IT support.

We’re The Experts

Cambridge Support can manage your company’s IT support needs. We know that your IT equipment and software is the driving force of your company. Therefore, we can take the stress away from you so that you can focus on your business. We are an award-winning company and would love to help you. For more details please contact us now.