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5 IT Problems and How To Solve Them

Our wonderful IT support team manage a wide range of IT issues daily. They help our clients solve IT problems they couldn’t.  IT has a strange way of just stopping, or sometimes breaking altogether. While we do offer proactive approaches to monitoring our clients’ systems, some issues are unavoidable. As we all know in life that things just happen. When things don’t work, our IT support team will seek to solve the issue. This article will help you combat such issues, saving you time and stress.

The Blue Screen of Death

Have you ever been working and then suddenly, the entire screen turns blue, and you cannot access anything? This has most likely happened to us all at some point. What this is related to is normally hardware or a driver that’s not working. This can sometimes happen after installing a new piece of hardware or even an update to the driver. If you have updated to Windows 11, then Microsoft have changed the colour of the blue screen to black. So, you will see a black screen, instead of a blue screen.

Usually, the blue screen will prompt you to restart with a button appearing. You can see some code appear on the screen. But generally, a restart is best. If the restart button doesn’t appear, then use the physical shut down button from your device. A reboot of the system is normally an effective fix.

If you do decide to follow the prompts and restart the device yourself, we suggest taking pictures from your phone of the screen. The reason is that if you need to contact your IT support provider, the images will help them diagnose and solve the issue.  

Logging In Problems

We often expect technology to just work like it is intended to, but sometimes it simply doesn’t and sometimes stops because of an unknown reason. Not being able to login can be frustrating. But don’t worry this is a problem that can be fixed. Here are some possible reasons for being unable to login.  

  • Misspelling your username or password
  • Did you leave caps lock on?
  • If you have tried several attempts to logging in, you’ll be locked out for security purposes
  • Your password may have expired
  • Your account may have been disabled or removed
  • Your authorization could have been removed

If you still cannot regain access to your account, we would suggest contacting you IT support team. They could reinstate rights or simply reset your password for you.

An Important File Got Deleted

Mistakes happen and we have all accidently deleted an important file before. The first thing we would suggest to do is check your Recycling Bin on a Windows device; Trash if you are using a Mac. When files are deleted, they immediately enter the Recycling Bin. There is a search function you can use at the top of the Recycling Bin to access files. If you have lost a file you cannot find, you must contact you IT support provider as soon as possible and halt any work. When you stop using your device it will minimise the risk of your data being overwritten by new data.

If you currently are supported by an IT support provider, they should have all your data backed up remotely. This means, anything that is lost, can be recovered. Look at some of our cloud services. Our support team would be happy to help you.

Computers Running Slowly

Every computer will eventually become slower as years pass because their hardware becomes outdated. But a computer can become dangerously slow when it’s caused by some of these common problems:

Problem: Too many programs running at once.

Fix: Close some to speed up performance.

Problem: System scans and updates can slow performance.

Fix: Ask your IT support team to schedule these scans more effectively.

Problem: Viruses can slow computers down.

Fix: Have your provider check your computer and run tests to ensure it runs at its optimum level.

Problem: Not shutting down your computer for months.

Fix: Shut your computer down every week and perform a Restart.

Unexpected Computer Shutdown

When your computer unexpectedly shuts down it can be a shock. The question many ask is, what caused that? Usually, a random shut down is because the computer had overheated. If your fan vents are blocked due to dust build up, clearing them would be the first step. It could also be a virus that caused the shutdown. In this case we advise contacting your IT support provider for help.

If you currently do not have an IT support provider, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.