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Does ‘turn it off and on again’ work?

Without a doubt, this question is certainly a cliché within the IT world. Have you tried to ‘turn it off and on again’? Something that we have probably all experienced, but does it actually work? This is the question we will explore in this article. We will also explain why it will work in some instances, but not in others. Lastly, we’ll tell you why you need IT support.

Does it work?

Well, this depends. When you turn it off and on again what this does is wipe all the temporary data being stored by the computer. This is essentially clearing its memory and starting over again from scratch. This can help to resolve issues caused by software glitches, corrupted files, or other temporary problems.

For example, if your computer is running slowly, restarting it can free up memory and resources. This can help in various ways to improve performance and make your computer feel more responsive. Similarly, if an app is crashing or not working properly, restarting your device can sometimes fix the problem, but obviously not always.

Restarting your device won’t fix every problem. But if you’re having a more serious issue, such as a hardware failure, then restarting your device probably won’t help. So, to turn it off and on again can fix some things, but not all.

Tips for restarting your device

Cambridge Support recommend the following:

  • Save your work | Ensure that you save any work you have open before restarting
  • Close all your open apps | This will ensure your device restarts properly
  • Unplug any external devices | Unplug printers and scanners to help prevent any conflicts.

Therefore, in conclusion, to officially answer the blog title, does ‘turn it off and on again’ work? The answer is, sometimes this helps, but it’s a long way from being a solution to fix all problems.

Why you need IT support

IT is complex. It will break, stop, not turn on and do some strange things. This is why you need experts to be able to look at your machine and advise what to do. Our team have over 30+ years’ experience helping many businesses in the Cambridgeshire area and further afield. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.