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We're an award winning IT services company

Cambridge Support is an award winning IT company with decades of experience in providing specialised support and consultancy for a wide range of IT services including managed IT support, consultancy, cloud migration services, Microsoft Teams and network support.

Why choose to work with us?

You should ask our customers and they will tell you why they chose us and continue to work with us. Working as a team with you, we are a customer focused IT services company that becomes part of your business. We work closely with you to form a long-term partnership and provide you with a transparent bespoke service that produces tangible business results.

Our qualified and experienced IT professionals work as part of your team to fully understand how you operate so we can provide you with the highest quality solutions and service.


Try us with one project and experience the way we will work with you first hand. Email us now via or call on 01223 901 900 to discuss your requirements.

Working as one team with you to deliver results
Working as one team with you to deliver results

Who are we?

Our people make us who we are. Although we each have our own roles and belong to different departments we are one team. We have a team of experienced IT professionals with Computer Science Degrees and/or professional qualifications from Microsoft, Cisco and others.

Here are some of our key team members.


Phil, Managing Partner

Alex, Managing Partner

Chris, Support Team Leader

Sunil, Senior Consultant

Derren, Infrastructure Specialist

Kathryn, Service Delivery Manager

Liem, Senior Support Technician

Aaron, Technical Consultant

Helen, Relationship Manager


Jason, Systems Architect

Nam, Senior Support Technician

Lisa, Finance/HR Administrator

Mark, Service Delivery Manager

Elise, Team Coordinator

Glen, Digital Marketing Specialist

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What do our customers say about us?

Who do we work with?

We work with industry leading IT partners to provide services to you some of whom include:

Microsoft Partner

BitDefender Partner


CloudBerry Partner

Office 365 Logo

Dell Partner