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Microsoft Office 365 – The Powerful Business Suite

If your business makes daily use of computing and Enterprise IT, chances are you’re aware of the need for integrated products and services that allow your staff to create, share, store and protect documents and date, and also to collaborate and communicate seamlessly across multiple teams in multiple locations.

Trying to bring all these needs into one package has taken some doing but Microsoft Office 365 has cracked it – with its integration of Microsoft apps and services, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yammer, OneDrive and more giving seamless business functions all supported on by Cloud technology, there are few IT solutions that are able to compete.

What are the benefits of Office 365?

There are numerous benefits to using Office 365 – these are just some of the highlights of the programme:

  1. Collaborate with Microsoft Teams – a hub that allows for chats, calls, messaging, document sharing and more.
  2. Cloud technology that integrates with your On-Premises solutions giving you flexibility whether on-site, or away from the office.
  3. Integrated synching between multiple devices meaning you can switch from your phone to tablet to laptop and back again without losing data, document progress, communications and more.
  4. The MS Office suite is accessible online, meaning that working collaboratively with colleagues to edit documents, make comments and review work in real-time without having to download the document is possible.
  5. Advanced security with the Office 365 Trust Center keeps data safe from cyber-attacks, and maintains backups to ensure you’ll never lose any of your data.
  6. Scalability and affordable storage on OneDrive means your Office 365 solution can stretch to accommodate your business’s growth from day one.
  7. A wealth of apps and tools – many of which are free – are available to you with the Windows Store. Integrating them into your Office 365 package is simple, and with seamless synching between your devices you’ll be able to use them wherever and whenever you need.
  8. Continuous updates and bug-fixes across all Office 365 features and functions means that you’ll not be waiting ages for a full product upgrade or new release.
  9. Integrated communications and time-management tools like Yammer (a Social Network for internal communications) and Delve (a Machine Learning-based efficiency platform) will help you and your team work smarter

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