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Azure Virtual Hosted Desktop

Dedicated hosted desktop solutions for organisations of all sizes

We’re proud to introduce our exciting new cloud service, the Azure Hosted Desktop. We’re offering a fully cloud-based remote desktop solution, or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for short.

What is Azure Hosted Desktop?

The Azure Hosted Desktop Platform is your own personal desktop computer hosted in the cloud, allowing you to connect and use Windows 11 within your hosted desktop on any computer that has internet.

For the end user, the experience of using a hosted desktop is exactly the same as using a desktop PC – it looks, feels and behaves the same. A hosted desktop is just like a normal PC desktop except that applications, data and user profiles are stored on a virtual private server in a different location.

Why are hosted desktops beneficial?

Hosted desktops enable you to access a full Windows desktop experience through any internet connection on any device. Making use of hosted desktops allow you to:

  • Replace in-house traditional IT infrastructure
  • Enable flexible working on any device
  • Access a more secure and productive virtual desktop experience on Azure with Microsoft 365
  • Replace legacy systems with a modern Windows 11 desktop experience

How it works

An Azure Hosted Desktop works just like a traditional desktop computer – you are able to see the same screen, move the mouse, type at the keyboard, open a web browser, access your email, and run all of your usual software applications.

You can run the same business software you normally do on a virtual desktop, including traditional desktop applications such as Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and all your other software like QuickBooks, Act, Sage, your company CRM or ERP and much more!

If you can run the application on your traditional desktop computer, it will run inside your new Virtual Desktop, identical in function to before – but with all the great benefits of a cloud-hosted virtual desktop.

Azure Hosted Virtual Desktop infrastructure diagram

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