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SD-WAN Networking

Simplified management and operation of your WAN

Networks are an essential part of today’s business infrastructure, ensuring your business is able to access your applications and your data in the cloud. These applications be demanding on your network infrastructure, especially for purposes like video conferencing, VoIP phone systems and virtualised desktops, where it is essential that your network performs well to avoid slowing down and frustrating everyone using it. Cambridge Support offer SD-WAN network infrastructure – a modern technology that simplifies network management and operation.

What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a modern technology used to manage and operate network connections across organisations. It’s a replacement for traditional technologies like VPN and MPLS, as it makes use of high-tech software defined networking (SDN) to improve performance and lower costs.

Why should you consider using SD-WAN?

SD-WAN networking has many advantages that can benefit your business compared to traditional IT infrastructure, including:

Cost Effective

Increase network performance and improve employee productivity using advanced zero-touch provisioning and centralised management.

Agile & Future Proof

Make the most of high-tech network infrastructure, designed to cope with the high demand of modern workflows.


With advanced security functionality by default, SD-WAN networks keep your network secure. Includes regular threat definition and filter list updates to protect your business from the latest vulnerabilities.


SD-WAN networks enable you to combine multiple systems and consolidate infrastructures.

What can we provide?

We provide the latest Cisco Meraki technology to ensure your infrastructure performs to the highest standards. Meraki offers a complete, robust feature set right out of the box with high availability – with advanced functionality such as centralised management, identity-based firewalls, and advanced malware protection.

At Cambridge Support, we understand the importance of your network infrastructure to your business – we know it needs to be reliable, cost-effective and performant. Our team of experts can look at your current systems and help you understand how SD-WAN can work for your business.

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