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Microsoft 365 Security – FREE Audits

Are you asking yourself some of these questions when it comes to your Microsoft 365 Security?

  • How secure is your information?
  • Who has access to your data?
  • What are your data privacy policies?
  • Are you managing and storing your data in the most secure way?
  • Azure Active Directory Audit
  • Forwarding and Shared Access Review
  • Data Loss / Leak Policy Review
  • Do all your users have 2 Factor Authentication enabled?
  • How about DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)?
  • What is Advanced Threat Protection?
  • Are your password policies enforced and good enough?
  • Microsoft Conditional Access Policy Review – Control Who & What Has Access

Basic* Audit Offered FREE until July 2022. Normal price £650.00

As we all know, IT security is not just for large enterprises. This is an issue for all of us, perhaps more so for the smaller companies that do not have dedicated internal resources to manage IT security. Did you know that the standard Microsoft 365 subscription includes tools to help you protect your systems and data? Take a look at the Microsoft 365 security article.

When you work with us to conduct the Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, we’ll be able to help you to review your security objectives and requirements. Moreover, these can help to create a prioritised and actionable security Microsoft 365 roadmap.

Our audits will include:

  • Understanding your cloud security objectives and requirements
  • Evaluating your Microsoft 365 security readiness
  • Creating an Microsoft 365 security roadmap

We can help you turn a confusing array of services, licensing options, and overlapping feature sets into a cohesive, comprehensive, and understandable solution. Therefore, let us show you how to manage your security, protect your assets, respond to security incidents, and stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR.

Enterprise-Level Identity Protection

Protect your organization’s data from unauthorized access and identity threats by safeguarding and managing identity, and protecting against password attacks.

Control and Protect Information

We can help you protect business data while enabling user productivity and collaboration across devices and locations.

Proactive Attack Detection and Prevention

Our security assessment analysis, migration and deployment solutions, and managed security services  can help you identify attacks and attackers before they cause damage.

Regulatory compliance

We can help you meet compliance obligations the increasing demands of regulators and legal authorities.

To learn more, have a read of our recent blog post on “The simple ways to implement Microsoft 365 securely”. *Basic Audit Scope to be defined by Cambridge Support.

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