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Cyber Security Services

Our digital era has opened up great opportunities and exposed us to new risks...

What is Cyber Security?

Simply put, Cyber security is the implementation of technologies, processes and systems to your devices, network and more importantly your data from cyber attacks.

It’s objective is to minimise cyber attack risks and protect your system from unauthorised access.

With the continued development of technology, more physical devices than people and the attackers becoming more innovative the task of securing your systems has become critical and more challenging.

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    Why Cambridge Support?

    The Cambridge Support team are highly qualified and have decades of experience working with organisations of all sizes. They can assist you with specific cyber security projects as well as take full control and responsibility of all your security needs.

    Working with you the services provided include:

    • Security Audits
    • Cyber Essentials Certifications
    • Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications

    Cyber Security is essential for all of us as organisations and individuals which must be managed hand in hand in order to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

    You need to protect all your devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets) as well as services used by your organisation and people. This needs to apply to both on-line and on-premise solutions.

    With Cambridge Support’s cyber security services, we will work with you, review your IT security and bring it up to the required level. We can do this for you because you want to protect your business and/or it is a requirement demanded by your customers.