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FREE Cyber Essentials Certification

As you will know cyber crime is still increasing every day and it is more and more important to ensure your IT systems and network are secure.

“By invitation only, until 31 December 2022, Cambridge Support is offering FREE Cyber Essentials audit and Certification to a selected number of organisations”

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are initiatives introduced and supported by the UK Government to enable organisations to confirm the security of their systems and protect themselves. As well as this, Cyber Essentials certifications proves to your customers that you take cyber security seriously and gives them confidence in working with you.

How can Cambridge Support Help?

As an IT services organisation with security at the heart of everything we do, our team has the skills and experience to be your guide through the Cyber Essentials accreditation process.

Working with you, we will help you to review your systems, collect evidence, and present it in the appropriate format for certification. Using our experience and skillset we will identify and recommend necessary changes to your existing systems. If needed we will even help you to implement the most suitable solution in each case.

How does our Cyber Essentials process work?

  • Initial meeting to agree a plan and timescales
  • On-site audit and analysis of your systems
  • External penetration testing of your connectivity and internet facing systems
  • If necessary, produce a recommendations report to address any identified issues
  • Implement all agreed changes
  • Helping you with the self-assessment paperwork
  • Review your self-assessment to minimise the risk of re-assessment
  • Liaising with the government approved accreditation body and responding to any queries
  • Documenting your new policies and procedures to allow you to demonstrate compliance

What are the benefits of Cyber Essentials Accreditation?

  • One less thing to worry about allowing you to focus on your business
  • Reduced risks from cyber attacks; nothing is 100% guaranteed but you could be much safer
  • Get recognition for your good practice; putting you one step ahead of your competitors
  • Assurance for your customers and suppliers; one objective fewer to deal with when talking to your prospects and customers
  • Formal security procedures; well defined procedures can only help improve your business efficiency and processes

Why are Cambridge Support offering the free Cyber Essentials Certifications and why by invitation only?

For two simple reasons. Firstly, it will help reduce the risk of yet another company getting caught out. Secondly, we ask for the opportunity to quote for and fix any vulnerabilities. We do appreciate that you might have the necessary resource in-house, or seek other quotes before you go ahead, but we are confident that we will offer you the best value with a customer service that you will love.

“We believe every organisation should have this accreditation and are currently selecting and making this offer to one organisation each month.”

If you want to find out more about Cyber Essentials do contact us for an initial conversation. The decision might just save you from becoming the next cyber crime statistic.