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Igentics achieve Cyber Essentials certification!

Keeping customer data secure is at the top of the list for Cambridge digital marketing agency, Igentics. As part of their ongoing commitment to cyber security, they’re pleased to announce that they achieved Cyber Essentials Certification through the UK government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

Cambridge Support congratulate them and are pleased to have played a key part, having assisted with the process from the start through to certification.

The Cyber Essentials scheme was jointly developed by the UK government and the cyber security industry. It defines clear guidelines for organisations in the UK to adhere to and meet. It outlines the controls that every organisation should implement to help reduce risks from internet-based threats.

Cyber Essentials concentrates on five key areas of IT security which are:

  • User Access Control – Managed and controlled user access to all services and data
  • Internet Connectivity – Securing access to the internet through securely managed firewalls
  • Protection – Implementation of appropriate tools to protect against viruses and malware. These should be managed, updated and monitored
  • Patch management – Well defined processes for managing all devices and ensuring the latest updates and security fixes are implemented
  • Business Software – Correct configuration of all software and devices used within the business

Igentics’ Cyber Essentials certification gives confidence to their management team and more importantly, to their customers to demonstrate that Igentics take customer safety seriously. It also provides confirmation that they have well managed and protected IT systems.

We would highly recommend every organisation to becomes Cyber Essentials certified and are here to help. Cambridge Support can work with you, perform an initial assessment identifying areas that might need improvement. This will then be followed through, addressing any identified issues before putting you forward for assessment. We are so confident that we could get you through the process first time, that should it be necessary to apply for assessment a second time, we would cover all the additional cost for you.

Contact us NOW and find how you could become Cyber Essentials certified.