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NHS Hero Award

I am confident that none of us need reminding that there are a vast number of amazing people among us, who face challenges on a regular basis and even more so as a result of all the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout our communities there are people who work immensely hard to improve the lives of others giving their all in the face of adversity every single day for the rest of us. These people who selflessly go above and beyond in many roles and who give so much more for the wellbeing of others.

We of course are talking about the amazing men and women of the NHS.

With more and more Hertfordshire based businesses working with us plus half of our team living in Hertfordshire we are therefore delighted to have had the opportunity to become a sponsor at the prestigious Hertfordshire Community Awards 2020.

We are even more proud to be able to share that we are sponsoring the NHS Hero award for the event. With the events of 2020 so far and knowing that the NHS have been our front line of defence against Coronavirus we feel this award carries even more honour and will no doubt have some amazing people nominated.

This award is open to any NHS worker who has shown they go beyond the call of duty. When making a nomination please consider the following criteria:

  • How have they gone that extra mile?
  • How have they improved treatment or care?
  • How has their work affected others around them?

You can nominate NHS workers until Friday 5th June 2020 by visiting the Hertfordshire community awards web site at

It’s important that we also take this opportunity to praise the outstanding work of all our country’s key workers, not just the NHS, without all of them our country would not be the amazing place that is it. So, our additional thanks to all other Emergency Services, Care Workers, Energy Providers, Delivery Drivers and many, many more and thank them all for their dedication during this difficult time.