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How Ready Is Your Email Security?

We all know that cyber security is complex, with so many avenues of attack the landscape is always changing.  This makes it more important to have security technologies that are reliable and adaptable to maintain a trusted level of protection for your business.

Email is arguable one of the biggest risks, however it is also one of the most vital to your business.  Regardless of what email system is in operation, whether it be cloud or server based, one thing they all have in common is a big hole directly into the internet. 

What can you do to protect email?

This is always a carefully considered balancing act. You want to have the best possible level of protection in place to ensure security while making sure it doesn’t impact the usability of the system for your staff. While also making sure your emails are received by your intended recipients.

Spam Filtering

This is an obvious step but still an essential one.  Getting a spam filter to remove any unsolicited emails is a great start.  Whether it is an external layer of filtering before it enters your environment, or adding extra steps of authentication and verification through DKIM, SPF or ATP they will all improve the quality of the email received by users.

Email Backup

With all the cloud email in use it is important to note that those services do not provide a persistent backup/recovery of email data.  Its very possible that once it’s gone, it’s gone.  Getting a consistent and easy to access backup solution in place could make all the difference if recovery is required.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

While MFA has been around for a while, it has only recently gathered some real momentum to secure user accounts.  Having the multi-layer authentication helps prevent any malicious individuals getting access to data and causing increased damage within any environment.

Close Remaining Gaps

This is where it gets more complex. Trying to work within the limits of any system to close any potential gaps within the current configuration.  

Most of these points might seem like straight-forward common sense, well that is exactly what they are.  When you consider that the biggest weakness in any security is the end user, it is important to ensure that the end user has the best tools or protection available. 

We know that most small & medium business owners do not have the time to manage the complex technology, that is why they use services like Microsoft 365 for simplicity and efficiency.  

The Microsoft 365 platform is constantly increasing the security packages available.  They are working hard to ensure all the necessary tools are offered to system administrators to allow them to reap huge benefits from a cloud email system.

There is no doubt that with the right level of administration and customisation the Microsoft 365 email system can configured to provide all the levels of security the business needs. 

Speak to our IT Consultants here at Cambridge Support to see if improvements can be made to increase the security and protection of your email systems.

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