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Coping with Lockdown through Winter

Mental health within the workplace can be a tough thing, and here at Cambridge Support we understand the importance of keeping healthy in both body and mind.  With the new lockdown just starting, we are seeing much more information around mental health during this time from various charities.  With many suggesting that the first lockdown period had a much bigger impact on people’s mental health than anyone had expected.  If that increase was so great through the summer and the excellent weather we had, meaning we were able to be outside a lot more: then what impact is this going to have during a typical British winter? 

With the new lockdown coming into force and the extension of the governments Job Retention Scheme (furlough scheme) through to March 2021, numerous people will be facing some tough challenges.  Whether it’s having to adapt to working from home again, changes in your role, back to being furloughed or simply struggling to find a job at all, there is a lot there which can impact the mental health of an individual. 

There is a vast amount of recommendations available about how best to cope with the lockdown and we were drawn to a recent post from Mind CPSL with included the image below.  If people are struggling to cope, it might be that reading long news articles is the last thing they want to do, but a simple image like this one makes it much easier to understand. 

There are some great points raised here, whether you are working from home, on furlough or without work at this time.  Within IT we talk about challenges a lot, we ask clients what their challenges are within their business and offer options suggesting what we can do to help.  People expect this and it’s a fundamental process we go through within business.  However, as soon as a person is facing personal challenges people tend to stop and not ask for help or, sometimes not even notice when someone may need the help. 

It is key that whether it’s yourself or, another person that you keep the chain of communication going.  We all do it in work and as part of our jobs, so please don’t forget to do it at home and for yourself. 

We normally like to finish any blog post with an offer of our team being here to help, but this time we are not the right people to help!  If you need to talk to someone who can offer advice and support during this time, please use these helpful links:

Please all stay safe and healthy through the new lockdown.

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