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Business Continuity: Backups Evolved

We all need backups to support business continuity. It’s not typically the most exciting topic of conversation, but they’re a necessity in any IT infrastructure. At least, if you can rely on the backups that you’re taking.

How do you backup?

There are a few notable questions to ask about your backup infrastructure. Do you back your data up to server storage, tape, external media or a cloud location?

Are you just backing up data, or are you taking a snapshot of your servers in good health? How confident are you that you could recover from a disaster scenario, and how long will it take?

Do you have backups stored offsite away from your premises or are they in the same building as the rest of your infrastructure? Do members of your team have to swap removable drives over every day and take them home with them?

Is taking backups enough and how well can your business operate whilst you’re recovering from a catastrophic event?

How do you restore?

Backups should be taken every day. These can be data only backups, or full image backups of your server infrastructure.

A data only backup is fine if you’ve lost a file or folder for instance and you need a quick recovery of that data. But it can be lengthy and time consuming if your server(s) needs to be replaced.

An image based backup will allow you to recover a server back to a point in time that is needed, however you are still going to be waiting for the new hardware to turn up before you can be operational and this can result in downtime for your company.

The Solution to backups and Business Continuity.

Datto BCDR isn’t just a backup, it is a complete a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution which means you can operate your core servers in a reasonable capacity during a disaster recovery scenario. This gives you access to critical data and applications whilst your IT partner or team are working away at restoring your production environment.

A Datto appliance is a specialised server running Datto’s backup application which is installed in your server rack. Datto appliances come in a range of sizes and specifications which will be adjusted based on your business’ requirements.

Servers or workstations which are required to be backed up are registered with the appliance. The Datto appliance will then take hourly backups of the protected systems throughout the day.

The appliance is paired with a Datto Cloud subscription which enables your appliance to replicate the last backup of each day. The offsite replication is encrypted for security in transit, and Datto employ resiliency by storing the encrypted backups in their datacentres.

This offsite replication is fully automated and removes the human element of ensuring backups are taken offsite.

What happens in a Disaster Recovery scenario?

Any protected servers will run as virtual machines on the Datto appliance in a reduced capacity to provide core functionality.

Your IT partner can then focus on restoring or replacing the failed hardware whilst your business continues to operate.

If the Datto appliance succumbs to environmental damage, the backups stored in Datto Cloud can also be virtualised and access remotely, as long as you have an internet connection.

During this time, you can continue operating even if your premises have succumbed to fire, flooding, or other environmental damage. It enables the business to continue working whilst alternative premises and computing arrangements are made.

Once the hardware has been repaired or replacements have been provisioned, Datto can then restore all of your protected servers, complete with the changes made in the virtualised instances.


It’s important to remember that Datto BCDR isn’t just a backup solution. Its Business Continuity features are a lifeline in a Disaster Recovery situation meaning your business can continue to operate.

Daily backups are fully automated and replicated offsite into Datto Cloud. Protected systems can be virtualised on the appliance and in Datto Cloud when your production environment is inaccessible. Your servers can then be restored from the backup environment and return to normal operation.

Cambridge Support have partnered with Datto  as we believe that this solution is an ideal candidate for our clients. Many of our clients have seen the benefit of Datto BCDR and we continue to deploy it into our clients’ IT environments.

Please get in touch with us if you feel that your backups may not be fit for purpose and we can see how can help you benefit from Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

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