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Cyber Security – Take It Seriously


You may wonder why we are writing an article about cyber security when there are already thousands of great resources and very useful pieces of information on the subject already. Cambridge Support are a Managed Service Provider who partner with small and medium sized organisations across the UK. We find that some organisations take cyber security more seriously than others.

We believe it is the job of the MSP to ensure their clients are aware of the risks and are able to make informed decisions regarding their business data and security. Cambridge Support offer free Cyber Security Awareness training to the staff of any organisation we work with. This helps to increase awareness and show how even simple changes greatly reduce their risks.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the activity of protecting your systems, networks, and programs from attacks. Such attacks could come from both outside and inside your organisation.

Security technology is critical to any organisation. Instead of focusing on just the technology, Cambridge Support focus on your organisation’s people and why they appear to overlook security. We advise on what you can do about it simply by investing some of your time.

There is an assumption that users understand IT security and naturally protect your company and its data from attackers. This is often far from the truth and some of the reasons for this are:

  • Your team focuses on good performance, deadlines, and efficiency. If you do not correctly implement IT security, it may prohibit productivity resulting in your team working around the security. We work cases where users copy data from a secure database or system to a USB drive to give them quick access when they need it. They often carry these sticks containing your valuable company data around with them and away from the office.
  • Passwords are hard to remember and your team members have too many of them. Each person will create a password that they believe is secure. They then use that password on your secure network, their online gaming sites, online shopping accounts, and many other services; some even write their passwords down.
  • Social engineering is also a big challenge where cyber threats trick users into revealing sensitive information. This can be monetary payments, spam email campaigns, or simply gaining access to your systems. We work with users who succumb to such threats every week.


These are just a few of the reasons that even the best IT security solutions cannot deal with. The answer is user awareness training and clear security policies that your users can understand and follow. With reference to sites like the National Cyber Security Centre (User education and awareness – NCSC.GOV.UK) and some of your time, you can reduce risks and protect your company and its most valuable assets.

We hope that you find this article helpful and informative, and we recommend that take action to enhance your cyber security.

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