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IT Security Audit: Do You Need One?

An IT security audit is a high-level, systematic evaluation of the security of a company’s information system. Do you need one? Absolutely. It is vital that every company performs a security audit at least once or twice a year. Continue reading and we’ll explain in more detail why you should perform such an audit.

How Does An IT Security Audit Work?

Here’s how an IT security audit works. The first step is to define the assessment criteria. This determines the overall objectives the company needs to address in the audit, then breaking them down into priorities. Industry standards such as GDPR are things that must be considered. Maintaining a threat catalogue of all discovered risk vectors and utilize outside resources when possible is also looked at. Overall, the organisation’s priorities should not influence the outcome of the audit.

The second step is to prioritise your success criteria and business objectives. The necessary tools to complete the audit are identified and procured, and the methodologies to perform the audit are defined. An appropriate questionnaire or survey is needed to gather the correct data. This is what creates a great audit.

The third step is to conduct the audit. Providing the appropriate documentation and perform due diligence throughout the process is key. Monitoring the progress of the security audit is vital and the data points collected for accuracy. Throughout the audit, details will be uncovered that require further examination, but these will be prioritised first.

The fourth step is the completion of the audit and sharing the results. At this stage a list of action items will be created based on the audit’s findings. Then items that need fixing will be prioritised to remediate the security items discovered. Overall, it is supposed to uncover risks to the company so that action can then be taken.

IT security audit

Why Are Security Audits Important?

IT security audits are important because they catch vulnerabilities in organisational systems. These vulnerabilities can turn into potential threats. Therefore, an audit is important to identify these threats and after act upon them. They are also required by law for some industries, particularly in the medical and financial field. If you need help in knowing if you are required by law to undergo an audit please contact us and we will be happy to help. Ultimately an audit will verify if your current strategy is adequate or not. Hence, they are very important.

Do Small Businesses Need To Conduct Security Audits?

Absolutely, the size of your company does not affect whether a security audit should be conducted or not. Whether you are an SME or a large enterprise, every company needs to conduct a security audit. Even among the larger corporations, audits are increasingly becoming outsourced even though they may employee a dedicated IT Manager. We fully understand that small businesses may struggle with IT related issues. Therefore, we highly recommend allowing an IT support provider conduct an audit on your IT systems.

Microsoft 365

Were you aware that the standard Microsoft 365 subscription includes tools to help you protect your systems and data? This article explains in more detail Microsoft 365 security article. Our audits include understanding your cloud security objectives and requirements. We also evaluate your Microsoft 35 security readiness and also create a roadmap for you.

When you work with us to conduct the Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, we will be able to review your security objectives and requirements. This will help you create a prioritised and actionable security Microsoft 365 roadmap.

How Cambridge Support Can Help

Cambridge Support can conduct an IT security audit for you. We can assess your current IT systems and practices and provide detailed reports and solutions. We have extensive experience in many security focused services. These include Cyber Essentials, security audits, Microsoft 365 audits, penetration testing and more. We would be happy to review your current security and determine if there are any areas for improvement.

If you have any questions about security audits, we would love to hear them and will be more than happy to discuss. To find out more, please contact us on 01223 921 000, or email us at