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Benefits of Cloud Backup

Businesses should always backup their data and there are many benefits of cloud backup. Running a business without cloud backup could cause devastating effects. We would say that it is an essential part of your IT support. However, before diving into this article, we wanted to clarify from the start, the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage. These are both often confused.

What’s the Difference Between Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage?

At Cambridge Support we have encountered a common misconception that cloud backup and cloud storage are the same thing, but they are not. When we speak concerning cloud backup, we are referring to files that are mirrored from a device to the cloud. It could be a computer, mobile, server, or any device that stores data locally. When we speak concerning cloud storage, we are referring to files that are also stored online in the cloud, but it provides you with easier access to your files. Now we have established the difference, we’ll continue to discuss the benefits of cloud backup.  

Access Your Data Anywhere

Cloud backups are accessible anytime and anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. This can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Computer files are backed up to the cloud automatically and with just a few clicks can be retrieved again. If a user needed to restore a full backup from the cloud, this would take a long time. But if it’s only a few files that you need, then this is very fast and easy to do. Nowadays we probably take for granted that we can access our data anytime, anywhere and on any device. This was probably something people would dream about many decades ago, but now is a reality.  

Did you know: The worst U.S. Security breach of all time happened because of a USB stick.

Affordable and Improve Scalability

Before cloud-based solutions were widely available, companies had to attach data to physical storage devices. Along with this came purchasing hardware, ensuing there is adequate office space and maintaining it. Companies would also have to ensure that they employ workers to manage all these storage devices. As the company’s data grew, so would their physical storage devices. It was costly, time consuming, and took up a lot of space.

Today cloud backups completely simplify this and businesses will use cloud backup providers to store their data. This means there is no need to manage all the items listed above. It is also much more affordable and easier to scale up and down if need be. Usually, unlimited storage is just an upgrade away. If your business is rapidly growing, then you don’t need to worry about storage because you can have as much as you need.

Limit Risk of Data Loss

When data is stored in the cloud it is distributed across various servers. This safeguards any of your data being lost due to hardware failures and overall limits risks. Most physical storage devices are not able to withstand external risks such as natural disaster like floods and fires. With cloud backups this is something you do not have to worry about. All your data is off-site and secure. The chances of data loss is almost impossible due to it being backed up in multiple locations.

Fun fact: Ransomware attacks have been very high this year (2021) and cloud backups are a great way to recover from such an attack without data loss.

Automated Backups

The benefits of cloud backup is that your data is automatically updated. We have found that when businesses do not have cloud backup, the reason why they don’t backup to their devices is because of the time constraint. It takes time to manually backup data, however with cloud backups it is performed automatically and continuously. Cloud backup doesn’t require any additional time commitment. Cloud backups can also help reduce your carbon print, as it is much more environmentally friendly than physical storage devices.

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