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The Cambridge Support team do it again 

With all the credit going to the team for the exceptional service they provide, it has been another great start to the year winning more awards at the prestigious SME Huntingdonshire Business Awards. We have a fantastic team behind us that really push our values of professionalism coupled with friendliness.   

SME Business Award Winners 

We had a wonderful evening at the SME Huntingdonshire Business Awards in St Ives. The food, people and atmosphere were amazing. We were originally nominated for two categories but the judges decided we should be considered for a third!

We are proud to say that we won two silver awards and our sister company Cambridge Kinetics were delighted to win a gold as well as a silver award. 4 awards in one night was just amazing!

A personal approach in everything we do 

Our moto or slogan ‘a personal approach in everything’ is how one of our first customers described us and we are delighted to be able to live up to it. We fully believe that our team understand customer service and going the extra mile, emphasised by management. When we are talking to our clients and potential customers, we also try to show that we are humans. In our voice and tone, we express professionalism and yet be friendly and relatable. We do always strive to cultivate warm, honest, trustworthy, and friendly relationships. We believe this is how long-lasting happy customers are produced. If you would like to work with us, please contact us today.  

How We Can Help You 

We are an IT support company. If you have any issues or struggles with your IT infrastructure, we can be the company to help you. Our team of experts have had over 30+ years’ experience in the IT industry solving problems to customers issues. Our company is built upon transparency and trust. If you would like to work with us, feel free to email today at  

We would love to hear from you.