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5 Reasons To Migrate Your Files To SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint has a host of great benefits for document collaboration. In this article we’ll be exploring the 5 reasons to migrate your files to SharePoint and how Cambridge Support can help. Let’s get started.

One Document, One Copy

With SharePoint, you only need one copy of the document. This applies even when you are collaborating with a teammate. Traditional file share servers require you to send a copy of a document for you and your teammate to collaborate. But with SharePoint this is not the case; you don’t even have to email the document as an attachment to your teammate. If you do need to send an email, you can simply insert the link to the document in SharePoint to the email. Therefore, we say, ‘one document, one copy’; it makes working very easy and convenient.

Even in terms of collaboration it’s enables things to become more streamlined. There’s just one copy that the entire team works on. The latest versions are always available.

Searching For Files Is Easy

Another benefit of SharePoint is its search functionality. Various studies such as McKinsey and Interact have found that we spend almost 2 hours a day searching for information. SharePoint however makes searching extremely easy and very fast. This is perfect for any company of any size. Within nanoseconds you can find your file.


Backups are incredibly important. They keep your data in the cloud and accessible. In SharePoint you can take advantage of version history. It informs you who worked on the file last and allows you to have access to previous versions if required. When changes are made to a document, the old version is kept and can be accessed when need be.

The truth regarding your backups in SharePoint is that it is your own responsibility. While Microsoft do produce backups of your data across multiple data centers, they are mainly used for disaster recovery. These are not for on-demand restore jobs.

If for whatever reason a file or folder is accidently deleted, Microsoft will keep your deleted items in a Recycling Bin for 93 days. However, it’s recommended that you backup your data. Even though the data is stored in the cloud, you can still occur data loss, mainly down to user error. Some of the built-in backup tools within SharePoint can be sufficient if they are properly configured. However, we do recommend backing up your data externally.


Your files are safe in SharePoint. Microsoft ensures that its data centers contain the highest levels of cyber security. This gives you a peace of mind that your data is always secure. Enabling MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) will add an extra layer of security to your already secure SharePoint.

Conditional Access is also an option. This is where certain criteria are required before access is provided. This provides an extra layer of protection for the business and their data.

Document Management

Our favorite aspect of SharePoint is the ability for the team to collaborate on reports, proposals, and other documents at the same time. This allows the team to edit the same document with real-time editing. We can be on a call together editing the same document. Rather than emailing files back and forth and needing to rename the file to reflect the change in version (V1, V2, V3), we can edit at the same time. We can see who is currently editing what section of the documents. This we believe is a great benefit to SharePoint.

How Cambridge Support Can Help

Cambridge Support is an award-winning company. We love to help businesses streamline their IT and ensuring they are receiving the optimum performance out of it. We have years of experience with platforms such as SharePoint. If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned in the article, we would be more than happy to help you. For more information please contact us on 01223 921000, or you can email at