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10 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut is always very useful, it saves time and allow you to perform tasks quicker. Here are 10 helpful keyboard shortcuts to use. We have also included shortcuts for Windows and Mac users. We suggest saving this post to your bookmarks bar on your web browser so that you always have it to hand.

1 Closing a browser tab

Closing a current tab that is open on your internet browser is very easy and works on all major browsers.  

Windows PC = Ctrl + W

Mac = Command + W

2 Reopen a closed browser tab

Have you ever closed a tab on your browser by mistake and never knew how to retrieve it? This keyboard shortcut is for you.

Windows PC = Ctrl + Shift + T

Mac = Command + Shift + T

3 Switching between browser tabs

You probably know that Ctrl + Tab enables you to navigate along the tabs of your web browser with ease. But let’s take it to the next level. If you want to switch to a specific tab, you can press Ctrl + a number 1 to 8. So instead of vigorously tapping Ctrl + Tab, you can use Ctrl + 3 to switch to the third tab along from the left.

Windows PC = Ctrl + a number 1 – 8

Mac = Command + a number 1 – 8

4 Lock your computer

Want to quickly lock your computer screen while you take a tea break? Here is the keyboard shortcut for you.

Windows PC = WIN + L

Mac = Control + Command + Q

5 Control the insertion point

Are you the type of person who frantically taps on your left & right arrow keys to get to a different word you’ve typed? Well, you might find this keyboard shortcut helpful. If you hold down Ctrl + (left or right arrow key) you’ll be able to move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word. Thus, skipping through your text much quicker. If you have a Mac, it will be Option + (left or right arrow key)

Windows PC = Ctrl + (left or right arrow key)

Mac = Option + (left or right arrow key)

6 Snap your windows together

This keyboard shortcut is often not known. If you want to quickly snap two windows side by side in Microsoft Windows, you will find this very helpful. It allows you to see two windows on the same screen.

Windows PC = Windows Logo Key + Left Arrow (or Right Arrow)

7 Access your clipboard

The clipboard is the place where all your previous items have been copied. You can scroll through your copied history and copy them again. If you didn’t find what you were looking for then press Esc to exit the clipboard.

Windows PC = WIN + V

Mac = Command + V

8 Access your desktop

Many already use Alt + Tab to switch between apps and windows, but one thing it cannot do is direct you to your desktop. To do that you need to know another useful keyboard shortcut; see below.

Windows PC = WIN + D

Mac = Command + D

9 Task manager shortcut

Ctrl + Alt + Del is a commonly known shortcut. Upon pressing it, it takes you to a list of options such as lock, switch user, sign out, change a password and Task Manager. Many of us use it to access the Task Manager when our computer has frozen. However, this method has two steps in its process, and we know a quicker way. Afterall when your computer has crashed or frozen, the last thing you need is more steps than necessary. Therefore, to access the Task Manager directly, use the shortcut below.

Windows PC = Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Mac = Command+ Shift + Esc

10 Screen capture with Snip & Sketch

Do you need to capture a screenshot of your computer screen? Then Windows Snip & Sketch will do the job, see below.

Windows PC = Windows + Shift + S

Mac = Shift + Command + 3