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Case Study 2

Discover how we helped a Cambridge based charted surveyors migrate their on-premise solution into the cloud while moving offices.

Case Study

The Challenge

At Cambridge Support we love a challenge and enjoy solving our client’s IT problems. We were contacted by a well-established local chartered surveyor looking for a new IT services company. We had been recommended to them with the comment:

“The only company that might be able to help you in this difficult position is Cambridge Support”

The customer’s request:

  1. We need a new IT services company to look after our day-to-day IT needs. We have been let down and need you to start looking after us immediately.
  2. Our servers, routers and network switches were rented from our old IT services company, and they will be removing them from our premises at the end of the month. We have three weeks to deal with this.
  3. And just to makes it a little more complex, we are moving offices during the week before month end.

We were contacted by the customer on the 10th of the month and basically had three weeks to help them.

The Solution

Without wasting any time, we carried out a fact-finding site visit immediately. This was followed up the next day by one of our consultants carrying out a more in-depth investigation gaining a good understanding of the setup. Their setup was made of:

  • On-premise Windows server with any virtualization.
  • Microsoft 365 tenancy used for emails only.
  • Several industry specific applications which were all cloud based!
  • A large volume of historic data on the local server.

Within 3 days of initial contact, we took over the responsibility of managing the existing setup with a rapid plan to migrate them to the cloud prior to the office move. The reasoning behind the cloud migration were:

  • Based on their needs and systems, they already had a Microsoft 365 platform they were paying for but not utilizing. This was more than adequate for their needs.
  • Migration to the cloud eliminated the need for purchasing a replacement on-premise server.
  • The cloud solution gave them additional flexibility and a simpler method of home/remote working.
  • The new solution removed the complexity of the office move.

The Outcome

With several days spare, Cambridge Support took over the responsibility of the company’s IT systems and migrated them fully into the cloud.

The customers new cloud environment includes:

  • Their workstations/laptops as part of a new Microsoft Azure domain.
  • Emails working as before.
  • All the data migrated to SharePoint with SharePoint security groups in-place to manage user access.
  • Third party applications configured to work with the new solution.
  • MS 365 backup implemented.

In parallel to the above Cambridge Support, reviewed and completed the structured cabling at the customers new offices and implemented a new router and Wi-Fi access points.

This solution allowed the customer to move offices without any IT support assistance which was an amazing result achieved in less than three weeks.

The benefits for the customer included:

  • Over 50% reduction in on-going IT costs.
  • Access to a support team from 7:00am to 7:00pm.
  • Ability to work from home without any additional complication to the way they work.
  • And an office manager with one less thing to worry about.

Cambridge Support were delighted to have been able to help and now have another customer that in the words of their office manager:

“Loves the way we work and would recommend us to everyone”