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IT Support for the Insurance Sector

Our first involvement offering IT Support for the insurance sector was decades ago on a project to deliver a briefcase with a laptop and a printer mounted inside the case. All we had to do was to install an operating system, which involved a set of isolated pieces of software for the different elements of the job such as the introduction presentation, product presentations, CRM and order taking system, and then to simply fit the devices into the briefcase. Job done!

The above is no longer the case. Insurance companies and brokers face many challenges. These include complex regulatory pressures, rising customer expectations, GDPR, the rapid pace of technology evolution and most importantly cyber threats. To cope with all of these as well as running a business the right IT Support partner is now essential.

Over the years, the Cambridge Support team have worked with a variety of insurance companies and brokers from basic IT Support, to audited change controlled systems offering 24-7 support and more.

Today, we are trusted by many organisations to protect their data, upgrade their systems and provide unparalleled support to their office based and mobile staff. Talk to us and some of our customers and find out how we could do this for you.

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