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Environment Reviews

What is an Environment Review?

An IT environment review provides you with a rounded overview of your IT infrastructure and how this fits with your business plans. The aim of the review is to highlight opportunities, benefits and potential risks you may face. 

What are the Benefits of an Environment Review?

Better Understand Your Current IT Set-Up

A comprehensive audit will provide you with valuable information on the current set-up of your IT infrastructure and the potential risks and vulnerabilities you face. The report will help you overcome any obstacles you may face to improve the reliability of your current systems as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of your IT services.

Ensure Your IT Investment is Producing Tangible Results

It is important that your current IT system is providing a positive return on investment. Your review will help to identify areas for improvements and ways you can ensure you are optimising your IT investment.

Determine the Source of Performance Issues

If you are currently experiencing problems with the performance of your IT system, an audit can help you pinpoint the source of this. This will help you decide what the best course of action is to take to eliminate or reduce the issues and in turn, boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

Ensure Your Data is Secure

It is essential that your business complies with current laws and regulations regarding personal and business data. An environment review can help identify areas that require further improvement to ensure your organisation is compliant. 

It Helps to Plan Your IT Strategy

Following an environment review your report will provide you with areas for improvement. From here you can prioritise actions to ensure that your IT strategy is in line with your business goals and it helps drive you forward. 

How We Can Help

At Cambridge Support, we understand that IT may not get the focused time it requires due to lack of resource and other day-to-day aspects of the running of your business. Our team of experts carry out a comprehensive environment review to ensure you are effectively managing your IT systems.

This audit includes a review of your:

  • Servers
  • Windows PCs, Macs and mobile devices
  • Network
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Applications and licensing 
  • Hosting and internet access
  • Disaster recovery policy
  • Telephone system
  • Your IT team and key stakeholders
  • Third party suppliers

Contact us today to discuss an environment review to see how our team of experts can help to optimise your IT infrastructure.

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