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Connectivity & Availability – The Keys to Staying Operational

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that IT has become an essential service and is the key to helping businesses stay operational.  There is no doubt that some love it, and some loath it.  But with the help of their IT systems and networks many companies have survived and even thrived this year. 

The two elements that make all this possible: Connectivity and Availability.  Without either of these it would be hard to make anything a success. 


Let’s keep it simple, if you do not have the ability to connect to the IT environment, then you cannot use it!  Whether it’s on a construction site in the middle of a field, or simply staff trying to work from home, everyone needs to have the right level of connectivity to be able to access what they need to work. 

To solve the issue broadband providers have worked hard this year to get more and more people and businesses connected with what they need as soon as they can.  In addition to that, we have seen a huge rise in people using 4G connectivity either through network devices or simply tethering their mobile phones.  But being able to get people back online is only the first step in getting people back to work.


Again, let’s keep it simple, you can get people online, but if the systems they need are not available to them they still cannot work.  This is where the Cloud has become a real powerhouse in recent years.  It has enabled its users to easily and securely access all the data and systems they need to continue being able to work and keep businesses operational.

Even though it may sound simple, it can be the ‘simple’ things which cause the biggest challenges.

Let’s look at the example mentioned earlier of a construction site and working in a field.  With the support of a 4G network those project offices can get online.  Then through Cloud systems they can access all the data they need.  The use of these services can really transform the way that industry works.  For more information have a look at The Construction Dive’s article on the same subject.

This trend is not only supporting the construction industry, we’re seeing it across a multitude of businesses, where companies need to ensure they have the systems in place to stay operational.  Organisations are moving to Cloud services at a huge rate, whether it’s to Microsoft 365 and Azure, moving to SAP Cloud for your business management, or Xero for your financial systems.  The migrations are happening in all industries and in all departments, with the aim of improving efficiency and operational ability.

If you are struggling with connectivity, or you want to look at moving services to the Cloud then our team are available and ready to discuss your needs.  Together we can help make sure that your teams stay connected and your systems are available to those who need them.

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