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Moving Office: Your IT Checklist

Moving office can be stressful and time consuming. This is why ideally you want to aim for minimal disruption during the move. The last thing you need is productivity loss, losing stored data, or worse. Therefore, outsourcing your IT helps your operations run smoothly during the transition. Here are some helpful tips.

Plan Ahead

Failing to plan your office move could cost you time and money. Firstly assign a member of your team the responsibility to manage the move. This will help ensure that things are managed properly, and nothing is unaccounted for.

Inform Your IT Support Provider

Secondly, inform your IT support provider as early as possible so they can schedule your move. Things such as informing them months ahead of the move and visiting the new office location with them would be helpful. Maintaining a close relationship with your IT support provider will be crucial during your office relocation.

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Evaluate Your Equipment

An office move is a good opportunity to assess your current equipment and decide whether certain aspects need updating. A useful exercise is conducting an inventory of your current equipment and assessing whether it is suitable for your new location. You wouldn’t want to transfer equipment over to your new office to find that it is not suited.

Consider Your Communications Needs

If your company is moving office due to expanding, you might want to review your telephony requirements. Shifting from the traditional phone line to an IP-based telephony solution could be very beneficial. If your company already use VoIP, then it is essential to ensure that your internet connection speed will accommodate your bandwidth requirements.

In addition, you will need to ensure that connectivity is not lost in the transition between moving offices. Ordering and activating an internet connection can sometimes take weeks, if not longer. Therefore ensure you leave enough time to avoid any nasty surprises. Ideally, its best to order your connection as soon as you have signed for your new premises. Then plan your move in date at least two weeks after the confirmed activation date.

New Site Visit

From an IT point of view, visiting your new site is very important. It will help you to asses certain aspects like the existing network cabling, telephony port and power outlets. Evaluating if any ports or power outlets need moving will be important to do before your move in date. In addition, server room requirements will need to be addresses for sufficient space and ventilation. If you are fully cloud based then you won’t have to worry about that. Lastly remember to check the best location for your equipment. This is necessary to ensure your computers and peripherals are in the perfect spot.

We’re The Experts

Cambridge Support can manage the technology side of your office move for you. We know that you IT equipment is the driving force of your company. Therefore, we can take the stress away from you so that you can focus on your business. We have over 30 years’ experience and would love to help you. For more details contact us now.