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IT Support for Insurance Companies

IT support can help the insurance industry in ways such as security, cloud storage and more. Having the right IT support for insurance companies is vital to security and processing claims efficiently. We understand that processing and dealing with insurance claims is a key part of any insurance company. We’ll discuss in this article some ways, Cambridge Support as a company, can specifically help you.

What An Insurance Company Needs

This list highlights some of the key elements needed, but not limited to:

  • IT that secures your highly sensitive client data
  • Top level encryption to protect policyholders’ data
  • 24/7 support, if needed (which Cambridge Support can offer)
  • Access through cloud services and systems

Securing Sensitive Data

We know that insurance companies hold vast amounts of data on consumers, much more than the typical business. They need to serve policy holders effectively and efficiently using certain systems to collect and process data. They also need to manage claims, communicate, and engage with customers. Therefore, this needs high level security measures that are established to protect this data. Data needs to be gathered, stored, and transferred securely. As an IT support provider, we will implement security solutions that will protect and safeguard this data from cyber threats.

24/7 IT Support

Depending on how certain insurance companies work, they may require 24/7 out-of-hours support. Our support calls are always answered by real people, and we provide resolution and post-incident reporting. We work with all types of different businesses to ensure they are provided with a service tailored to their needs.

Cloud Support

We know that insurance companies need to access files and data quickly. When policies are being written, underwriters spend time shifting between contracts and claims throughout the day. To make sure this information is best handled correctly, is to ensure access is held centrally. This would be through cloud services and systems. It allows multiple members of a team to edit and suggest changes. This is even carried out simultaneously, which can improve the efficiency of the insurance claim. Cambridge Support have a wealth of experience creating smooth transitions of onboarding processes. We ensure there is minimal downtime and little disruption to the business operations when onboarding.

Here’s what our clients have to say,

“Absolute pleasure to deal with these guys. Very client focused, super quick response times with a personalised experience every time. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

“Needed a few things sorting out on our business PCs and also someone to help give advice with getting the most from our setup going forward. The guys at Cambridge Support were friendly to talk to and took time to understand our needs. I had tried other providers who didn’t seem to have time to speak to us, so we were pleased to come across Cambridge Support. Highly recommended!”

Why Use Cambridge Support?

  1. Outsourcing to us will reduce your cost of staff in terms of needing to hire more people and the cost of training your existing IT team.
  2. We realise that insurance companies may require around the clock support, which is why we are one of few providers that can provide 24/7 IT support.
  3. In-house IT expertise can sometimes lack technical skills. We keep on top of rigorous data protection and security updates.
  4. We are an award-winning company in various categories of our business with 30+ years IT experience.
  5. Cambridge Support will ensure your business stays up to date with the latest security measures to protect your client’s sensitive data.
  6. We will implement a scalable solution that will grow with you.
  7. Our moto, a personal approach in everything we do’ is at the heart of our business. Our customer service is excellent; of which we have even won awards for.

Inconclusion, outsourcing your IT support doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We work with you to assess which services you need to best protect your data and the data of your policyholders.